Change Management in High-Growth Firms

IntroductionIn many developed countries, a large amount of net employment growth (>50%) has been found to be concentrated in a small percentage of high-growth firms (<5%) which are defined as firms “growing at least 20% yearly for at least 3 consecutive years, with a base year revenue of

Lessons from Mary Barra, CEO of GM

Mary Barra is GM current CEO. She was appointed in January 2014 and she is the first female CEO of a major auto manufacturer. At the time of her appointment, she had been with GM for 33 years, making her a veteran of the company. Barra started working on the

Lessons from David Ossip, CEO of Ceridian

David Ossip is the CEO of Ceridian HCM, a provider of HR software and services. It is a publicly traded company on the NYSE as of April 2018 and the one of the most interesting turnaround story in recent years. In 2012, Ceridian acquired Dayforce, a time and attendance cloud

Lessons from Louis Tetu, CEO at Coveo

Louis Tetu is a Quebec City entrepreneur and is currently the Chairman and CEO of Coveo an enterprise search company. Prior to Coveo, Louis co-founded Taleo Corporation, the leading provider of software for talent and human capital management, acquired by Oracle for $1.9B in February 2012. 1. On the

Lessons from Boris Wertz, Partner at Version One

Boris Wertz is a top tech early-stage investors based in Vancouver. He is the founding partner of Version One and a board partner with Andreessen Horowitz. Previously, Boris was the COO of which sold to Amazon in 2008. I recommend to read his blog and follow him on

The Concept of Ideal Strategy and its Realization

Bottom line: Many of the organizations use various strategies to define, plan and reach their objectives. In this paper, the author looked at competitive strategies (Red Ocean), monopoly strategy (Blue Ocean), sustainable strategy (Green Ocean) and unethical strategy for survival (Black Ocean) to develop the concept of optimum strategy which

The Positive Impact of Strategic Planning on Small Firm Growth

Bottom line: At PNR, we are big fans of strategic planning. Most organisations struggle with strategic planning, and are even less effective when it comes to its execution. We’ve solved this challenge by applying the principles of agility to the highest levels of an organisation. By implementing our Agile

Making Fast Strategic Decisions in High-Velocity Environments

Bottom line: As we saw in Schumpeter’s Ghost: Is Hypercompetition Making the Best of Times Shorter?, we are currently living in a world where the duration of sustained competitive advantage has shortened over time. Managers react to this hyper-competitive environment by switching from building and sustaining a single advantage
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