Learning from Family-Controlled Businesses

Executive SummaryI was doing some research for work and I stumbled upon this article that we covered during one of my strategic management classes at McGill taught by Prof. Gregory Vit. Prof. Vit main research interests, and areas of expertise, is Contrarian and Conformist Strategy, so it is expected that

Schumpeterian Profits and the Alchemist Fallacy

Executive SummaryWe live in an era of rapid technological changes, which some people call the “new economy.” The new economy is the result of the transition from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy where companies that are on the cutting edge of technology are the driving force of economic growth.

The Link Between Corporate Purpose and Financial Performance

Executive SummaryIn this paper, the authors want to determine whether employee beliefs in a corporate purpose are associated with superior financial performance or not. They found that, at an aggregate level, purpose is not related to financial performance. However, a subset of firms from the dataset (high purpose/high management

Schumpeter’s Ghost: Is Hypercompetition Making the Best of Times Shorter?

Executive SummaryIn this paper, the authors found the following results that support Schumpeter’s economic theory of disequilibrium and the presence of hypercompetition: The duration of sustained competitive advantage, and superior economic performance have shortened over time.The phenomenon is not limited to specific industries like high technology but applies

Options for Formulating a Digital Transformation Strategy

Executive SummaryIn this paper, the authors argue that to remain competitive, businesses must “formulate and execute strategies that embrace the implications of digital transformation and drive better operational performance.” As we see in our day to day at PNR and as the authors rightly point out, this is not an

The Road Ahead for B2B Software Companies

Salesforce has been a leader in B2B space since 2001, and Marc Benioff has been one of the key leaders, always pushing innovation forward and making sure that his customer needs were met. VC investments reached dot-com boom levels; competition is fierce, and scaling is not easy. In this post,
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