Bonjour, I'm Antoine

A strategy and operations consultant from Montreal, focusing on helping people and organizations grow.

This is the place where I learn in public.


Lessons from Calin Rovinescu, former CEO of Air Canada

Calin Rovinescu served as the president and chief executive officer of Air Canada from April 2009 to February 2021. He is regarded as one of the best CEO that Canada has known, Air Canada stock rising more than 5,000% during his tenure (pre-COVID). Rovinescu, born in Bucharest in 1955,

What are the best ways to think about buy-side M&A?

The aim of this post is to present 1) empirical bases that support the way I think about buy-side M&A 2) a methodology for finding and prioritizing targets. The empirical foundations that support the way I think about M&A Historically, M&A activities have received

What are the components of a successful strategic planning process?

Strategic planning can seem like an abstract process and a waste of time. In my experience, a lot of companies end up reviewing tons of PowerPoint decks and sandbagging financial projections without having the right conversations. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The objectives of any strategic

What is the typical progression path of a strategy consultant?

Making the transition from different roles in consulting can be hard. The progression path of a strategy consultant is a recurrent question that new team members ask us. I haven’t found a perfect chart, but this one sums it well*. As you progress, you will spend less time doing

Why we choose the wrong approach to strategy

Companies should use distinctly different approaches to the development of their strategies. The goal is to match the strategy making process to the competitive circumstances. Most of them DO NOT. Many use approaches appropriate only to predictable environments - even in highly volatile situations. The idea behind Martin Reeves book,

Ideology is making business worst

In WWII, German armed forces predominantly sought to destroy their enemies on the battlefield through Blitzkrieg. According to Lorris Beverelli the problem is that: "German strategists failed to conceive a way to defeat their enemies other than by defeating major parts of their armed forces and occupying their entire country

Courage: The biggest challenge organizations face

In my experience, the single biggest challenge organizations face is the lack of courage. Most executives do a good job of figuring out what needs to be done to improve their organization’s success. Many lack the guts to make the hard decisions. They lack the courage of their own

What strategic decisions look like

Most companies fall into the “do-it-all strategy” trap. Failing to make choices, and making everything a priority. The result is underperformance and employees lack of beliefs that their leaders truly want them to act strategically. For employees strategy can look like a black box. They are thinking: “Leaders have spent
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