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Why Executives Choose the Wrong Approach to Strategy

Companies should use distinctly different approaches to the development of their strategies. The goal is to match the strategy making process to the competitive circumstances. Most of them DO NOT. Many use approaches appropriate only to predictable environments - even

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What Strategic Decisions Look Like

Most companies fall into the "do-it-all strategy" trap. Failing to make choices, and making everything a priority. The result is underperformance and employees lack of beliefs that their leaders truly want them to act strategically. For employees strategy can look

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Company Mission in Crises

In her posts In the Future, All Brands Will Be B Corps, Ana Andjelic writes that "Crises are great truth-tellers. Brands are, in real-time, going through the crash course in social responsibility, and there are already winners and losers. Winners

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The Roundabout Path to Strategy

The traditional idea behind strategy is the deployment of resources against some objectives. Each year, organizations engage in processes akin to magical rites with the goal of coming up with a plan. We know what to do, we know why

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What is Strategy?

Teams need a shared language for effective communication and mutual understanding within an organization. As a practitioner, one of the challenge is that clients have different definitions of strategy. The impact is that executives will tend to have a different

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