Personal Development

Why productivity matters?

Productivity matters because it increases our agency. Agency is our individual capacity for intentional action. Some might want to maximize their efficiency so that they can be better at working and making money. For me, it is larger than that. It's about how can I be of actual benefit to

On getting back up when the going gets tough

One of the heuristics I’ve been using when I have a bad day comes from Chris Sacca in Tools of Titans: "TONIGHT, I WILL BE IN MY BED. In 2009, Chris did a charity bicycle ride with the Trek Travel team from Santa Barbara, California, to Charleston, North Carolina:

How I'm using GTD in Roam Research to stay productive and have fun!

In 2015, I discovered Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. It completely changed my life. I learned GTD by enrolling in Tiago Forte online course called Get Stuff Done Like a Boss. I highly recommend it, it’s much more approachable than the David Allen book. This post is

The model I'm using to become a better leader

Type leadership style on Google and you will get confused quickly. Authoritarian, participative, delegative, transactional and transformational leadership. But wait there’s more. Servant, Bureaucratic, laissez-faire leadership. It has been a long quest of mine to find a leadership model that was 1) easy to remember 2) integrated different styles

What Makes Good Models and How to Use Them: Metaphors, Models & Theories

Executive SummaryEmanuel Derman is a fascinating character. He is currently a professor at Columbia University and he is one of the first high-energy particle physicists (PhD in theoretical physics) to migrate to Wall Street. Previously, he was a Partner at Goldman Sachs and Head of Risk at Prisma Capital Partners.
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