Making the transition from different roles in consulting can be hard.

The progression path of a strategy consultant is a recurrent question that new team members ask us. I haven’t found a perfect chart, but this one sums it well*.

As you progress, you will spend less time doing analysis and deliverables. You will spend more time doing sales, client and team management.

Considering this progression, my advice to new team members is to spend less time reading business books, more time learning on the following topics:

  1. Power and institutional theory in order to enact effective changes in an organization;
  2. Building trust with clients in order to be able to address the most important issues;
  3. People and team management in order to maximize the output and development of your team;
  4. Facilitation and communication skills (highly recommend Toastmasters) in order to bridge viewpoints between different parties;
  5. Mental and physical health in order to have mental clarity even under high stress.

This can be done through books, online courses, groups and most importantly through mentors inside and outside the firm.

* I don’t know where it comes from. Pardon the lack of sources.